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Boost Your Employability with a Virtual Global Immersion

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Get Skilled in Tech & Open Doors to Global Opportunities with
Global Tech Talent Programme (GTTP)

Designed to help more mid-career Singaporeans and Permanent Residents acquire job-related skills and capabilities to expand their employment opportunities, the Global Tech Talent Programme (GTTP) equips you with internationalisation skills, programming and web development through a 3-month training. This is followed by a 3-month virtual industry-led apprenticeship with global companies from the comfort of your home. Through this intensive programme, coupled with enriching cross-culture experience, this course will help you gain a broad spectrum of market insights, develop overseas market networks, and ultimately open new, global career opportunities.

Experience working with Global Companies Virtually in an Office-Free World

Your Gateway to Global Opportunities in

Software Engineering

Through this course, you will develop a strong foundation in programming and web development, which will help you jumpstart your career as a software engineer. With curated training in internationalisation skills, you will be equipped to adapt fast in different markets and be ready to hit the ground running in your software engineer role in an innovative city abroad.

How It Works

Our Industry-Proven Curriculum

Designed For Industry Relevance

Gain a strong foundation in two core in-demand domains of programming and web development to kickstart your career in software engineering, and boost your employability with a global immersion.

Gain Valuable International Exposure from the Comfort of Your Home

Gain a competitive edge over your peers with this cross-culture experience – Learn faster and tackle real challenges with an established foreign company, gain a broad spectrum of market insights and get opportunities to form in-market networks, all from the comfort of your home.

Dedicated Instructor Support

Throughout the course and training, you will receive guidance, feedback and personalised support from our instructors, who are experts in their field.

Programme Outcomes

Build Expertise in Specialised Skills

Learn and gain a strong foundation in highly sought after tech skills and practical knowledge, coupled with enriching on-the-ground experiences.

Get first-hand experience in working in a Foreign Company

Immerse into a new culture and environment while tackling real challenges faced by one of our global hiring partners.

Cultivate Cross-border Networks

Nuture valuable relationships and build in-market networks across innovative cities that will pave the way for your career in tech.

Gain Global Opportunities

Boost your career portfolio and open doors to global opportunities across different markets upon the completion of this programme.

Global Tech Talent Programme

Training Curriculum

Deep Dive into Python

Get a solid grounding in Python for development of applications, websites and web applications. Arm yourself with fundamental concepts of programming such as data types, variables, expressions, operators, selection structures, lists, functions, objects, classes and file I/O.

Fundamentals of Web Development

  • Be equipped with the key fundamentals of web development and gain a comprehensive understanding in core concepts in front-end and back-end development. This component will end off with a two-week long capstone project where students embark on an individual project to build a full fledge web application with an intuitive front-end, and a responsive backend database with API consumption.


  1. Front-end Web Development
  2. Deep Dive into Javascript
  3. Back-end Engineering
  4. Front-end Engineering
  5. Full-stack Capstone Project


Internationalisation Skills

Gain important international foundation perspectives and skills that will set you apart from your peers. Get a better understanding of topics such as legal foundations, data governance and culture which will equip you to navigate through different cultures and environments. Grasp the fundamentals of law and legal frameworks, learn the concepts relating to governance and management of data and information, and gain new perspectives of how to work effectively across borders as the modules covering the marketing paradigm and working culture will be contextualised to the specific countries.


  1. Legal Foundations
  2. Data Governance & Privacy
  3. Advertising & Marketing
  4. Cultural Quotient at Work


Virtual Apprenticeship

Thrive in a Digital Age, Boost Your Employability

Thrive in the new normal as you experience working with foreign companies from Hong Kong or South Korea, all from the comfort of your home.

Work and learn alongside international teams and technical experts, and get exposed to a broad spectrum of market insights and develop in-market networks, which will be valuable for your career as a software engineer.

Key Course Information (For SkillsFuture Claims)

Course Name: SGUS Global Tech Talent Programme
TGS No.: TGS-2021009058
Eligible SkillsFuture claim period: Jan 2021 – 31 Mar 2022
UEN/Foreign Entity Number: T08GB0039A

Terms & Conditions

Assisting You With Your Global Immersion

Please be advised that the following costs will not be covered as part of the course fee. However, our team will assist you with the necessary preparations to ensure you are ready for this course.

Items not covered in this programme

  • All costs related to travel such as plane tickets and accommodation overseas
  • Insurance
  • Costs of Travel Visas
  • Application of Visas


Additional Considerations to Note

  • If travel is permitted, trainees should ensure that they are able to travel (e.g. be fully vaccinated against Covid-19) and are able to reside overseas during the 3-month apprenticeship period.
  • In the event where travel is not possible due to Covid-19 restrictions, the industry-led apprenticeships will be held virtually to replicate the overseas experience as closely as possible.

Application Process

Keen on the programme? Indicate your interest below!

Applications are currently closed for this programme, but indicate your interest and we will keep you updated with other relevant, upcoming courses that you might be interested in!

Frequently Asked Questions


This program is currently only open to all Singapore Citizens/ Permanent Residents who have graduated before January 2019. 

For the Global Tech Talent Program (GTTP), individuals will be required to have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and have a basic programming knowledge (non-language specific & can be self-taught).


  1. Submit your application via the form on our website.
  2. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by the admissions team to undergo a short programming assessment and a screening interview.
  3. Successful candidates who pass the screening process and receive an apprenticeship position from a hiring partner will be informed by the admissions team to enrol into the course.
  4. The candidate can choose his/her preferred company from a country to have their virtual apprenticeship at, should he/she receive multiple offers from our hiring partners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and a member of our team will be in touch.

As the course is conducted in modular format, you can have the flexibility to exit the programme when you find employment and are unable to commit to the full-time training. According to SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) guidelines, you can exit the programme without penalty if you are successfully placed into a job or have secured a job on your own accord while undergoing training. However, trainees who exit the programme without a valid reason may be asked to return the course fee subsidy that they have received.

Every candidate who makes it into the Global Tech Talent Programme will undergo our rigorous application process, which includes a selection process and interview with the hiring partners. Apprenticeship positions will be offered during this phase, and those who are offered apprenticeship positions will be accepted into the programme. As such, all candidates who have been accepted into the programme will be guaranteed an apprenticeship. 


While you can indicate your interest in the country that you wish to have your virtual apprenticeship in, the final apprenticeship offers will depend on your profile and assessment results during the application phase. 

You will be considered by all the Hiring Partners from all countries for the batch, and should you perform well in the assessment and interviews, you may receive multiple offers from companies who are based in different countries. 

If this is the case, you will be able to choose the company you wish to have your virtual apprenticeship with, based on your preferred country.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions where travelling is highly difficult or not permitted, we will not be able to provide physical apprenticeship abroad. Instead, we train you to embrace and thrive in the new normal, and offer virtual apprenticeships that will enable you to gain the full experience of working with a foreign company, while in the comfort of your home. 

The programme will encompass several aspects that will enable you to immerse into the working culture of the foreign company, gain a broad spectrum of market insights and get opportunities to form in-market networks over the 3-month virtual apprenticeship.

As the SGUnited Skills Programme operates on a Train-and-Place model, we will provide career advisory and employment assistance to help you in your job search in relevant sectors. However, there is no guarantee of a job placement with our hiring partners, and it will be dependent on the candidate’s performance throughout the course and apprenticeship. The programme is also conducted in a modular format which allows trainees the flexibility to leave the programme should they gain employment before the end of the full programme.

Travelling and Staying Abroad

Although this program does not cover your individual travel expenses and does not provide further subsidies such as plane tickets, accommodation and application for your Visa, you will receive a monthly training allowance of S$1,200 throughout the duration of the program (3-month course, 3-month apprenticeship). This will total up to S$7,200 which will help to alleviate some of your travelling expenses.


While we will not be involved in the processing of your travel arrangements, we will assist you on various fronts to ensure that you are prepared for your experience abroad such as: 

  • Providing recommendations for accommodation based on the most suitable pricing and location to your office abroad
  • Assist you with your Visa paperwork
  • Providing recommendations with insurance


The requirements include: 

  • Being fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Having an eligible travel Visa that will allow you to stay abroad for 3 months
  • Being able to commit for the duration of 3-month apprenticeship abroad

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of requirements.


In the case where there are unforeseen circumstances or where emergency situations happen during the period of the apprenticeship abroad,  we will not be able to make the arrangements to recall you back to Singapore. However, we will do our best to facilitate this process by advising you on the necessary steps to take and the paperwork required.


SSG-supported Schemes, Subsidies & Course Fees

The nett fee that candidates have to pay for the programme after the Government subsidy will be $500 (from the original cost of S$19,238.60 inclusive of GST). Course fees have been kept affordable as the programme is targeted at mid- career job seekers impacted by the economic consequences of COVID-19.

Candidates can also offset the nett course fees using their SkillsFuture Credit, including the top-ups announced in the 2020 Unity Budget.


As a mid-careerist (graduated before January 2019), you will be eligible for the SSG-supported scheme. 

SkillsFuture Benefits:

  1. You receive a SkillsFuture subsidy for the course:
  • Global Tech Talent Programme: Fees are only S$500 (inclusive of GST) after subsidies (original course fee S$19,238.60 inclusive of GST).
  • You may choose to make payment upfront, or defer the payment to one month after the start of the course.
  1. Receive a training allowance of S$1,200 per month, over the duration of the entire program (3-month course, 3-month apprenticeship). This will total up to S$7,200 over the entire program.


  • You may choose to make a one-time payment of the subsidised program fee upfront or defer the payment to after the first month of the course.


The programme allows candidates to leave the programme without penalty if they are successfully placed into a job or have secured a job on their own accord while undergoing training. However, trainees who exit the programme without a valid reason may be asked to return the course fee subsidy that they have received.

If you have more questions related to SSG-supported programmes, please read more here.


Other Questions

While candidates should not be holding full-time positions in the duration of the programme, the programme does not place any constraints on candidates’ activities outside of training hours, including taking on part-time employment, as long as trainees continue to fulfil all training commitments which include minimum attendance requirements and the passing of assessments.

As this is a full-time training programme, candidates and job seekers who are currently under other programmes should not apply for the programme if they are unable to commit to full-time training over the 6-month training duration.

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